To use the AHA-family assessments you need to be a certified rater. There are separate courses for each assessment tool. The certification procedure includes a 2-3 day course (with the length of the course being dependent on the assessment), which are conducted by qualified instructors. The training course includes information about the test construct, testing procedures and item scoring, as well as scoring practice on a range of children. A manual with detailed scoring criteria and a computer-based score form is provided.

Following the course there are additional training requirements to be completed. This includes independent scoring of further videos (provided on a web-based e-learning platform), as well providing your own scored assessment sessions. Feedback is provided, and a satisfactory level is required before certification is achieved.

Details about upcoming courses are provided below and on the respective page for each assessment.

Host a Course?

Courses on how to administer and score each of the AHA family instruments are offered worldwide based on demand. All currently planned courses are listed on this website. If there are no courses available in your region you can be the local host of a course. The local host is responsible for arranging a course venue, catering and administration of practical issues before and during the course. Click on this text to find more information about hosting a course.

If you are interested in getting in contact with Handfast regarding hosting a course, please fill out the form on this page.