AHA-family assessments

NEWS! From 2 April 2024 the ownership and management of the AHA-family of assessments will be handed over to CPGroup (trading as CPTeaching) in Australia. More information below.

The Assisting Hand Assessment (AHA), and the group of related assessments (AHA-family), measure and describe how effectively individuals with a hand/arm impairment use their two hands together to perform bimanual tasks.

Since daily activities commonly require the use of both hands, bimanual performance is of vital importance when considering hand function. Recognising that a person with a unilateral impairment will have one well-functioning hand and one hand that is more or less affected by impairment is a central construct to the AHA-family assessments. These tests use the unique perspective of measuring how well a person with unilateral impairment uses his/her affected hand as an “assisting hand” when performing bimanual tasks. It is this performance that is often crucial as to whether bimanual tasks can be completed successfully.

AHA-family assessments are observation based, criterion referenced and responsive to change. The bimanual activities from which the test is scored are age related, relevant and semi-structured allowing interaction with the examiner. It is the person’s typical performance that is elicited in the test situation, as opposed to maximal capacity often measured in other tests. Results from the AHA-family assessments can be used to guide interventions and to measure change over time.

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Information about upcoming changes

We are pleased to announce that, effective from 2 April 2024, Handfast AB will hand over the intellectual property rights to the assessments AHA, HAI, Mini-AHA, BoHA and Ad-AHA Stroke to CPGroup (trading as CPTeaching) in Melbourne, Australia. This means that future development and courses regarding these assessments will be managed entirely by CPGroup via CPTeaching

All planned courses that are announced on this website will be conducted as planned and this means no change for course participants of already planned courses. For the planning of new courses we refer to CPTeaching who can be contacted through the form at the page “Courses” at this website or via their website at www.cpteaching.com or email admin@cpteaching.com.

We wish CPGroup and all users of the assessments the best of luck in the future!