AHA course information

Certification courses are undertaken worldwide by the company Handfast AB, Institutes, clinics or others who want to host a course are welcome to contact Handfast AB for inquiries about arrangements. The courses are provided in English, German, French, Dutch or Swedish. Courses in English with direct interpretation to other languages have also been conducted e.g. to Italian and Portugese.

The full manual is available in English, Swedish and Slovene. The part of the manual containing the scoring criteria is available also in German, Italian and French. The School-kids version with game instructions is available in Arabic, Danish, Dutch, English, Finish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Spanish and Swedish.

More information about the AHA and reliability training options can be received by e-mailing handfastab@gmail.com or by mail to Handfast AB, Fogdevreten 2A, SE 171 65 Solna.