Psychometric properties

AHA is a standardized and criterion referenced test. Evidence of validity, reliability and sensitivity for change is reported in research studies. AHA was evaluated for evidence of reliability and validity using a Rasch measurement analysis. This confirmed the test rationale, that the usefulness of the assisting hand forms a uni-dimensional construct, and that the items tested the phenomenon appropriately (Krumlinde-Sundholm & Eliasson 2003). Excellent inter and intrarater reliability was by demonstrated (Holmefur et al.,2007). The AHA has been used as the principal outcome measure in a study evaluating Constraint Induced Movement Therapy in young children with hemiplegia (Eliasson et al., 2005) and has demonstrated evidence of responsiveness to change. Validity and reliability for use with children up to 12 years has been confirmed by Krumlinde-Sundholm et al., 2007. The outcome raw scores can be transformed to equal interval unit logits (log-odds probability units) by a Rasch-analysis. Researchers who wants to use logit measures for their analyses may contact Dr Lena Krumlinde-Sundholm via e-mail: handfastab@gmail.com.